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Replica la aricolul lui Skaarup

Replică la un comentar pe care l-am scris lui Peter Skaarup - un Vadim Tudor din Danemarca. Cineva, Henrik Andersen, a comentat si mai jos găsiţi replica mea. Articolul (in daneză) a lui Skaarup a fost ceva de genul "sărbători fericite şi afară cu românii" (articol). Primul comentar al meu îl găsiţi aici.

To mr Henrik Andersen

Of course mr Skaarup didn't use that terminologi. Dangerous people are dangerous even when they are dressed nice and use pseudo-civilized terminologi. Beneath that shining smile of his, if you watch carefully, lies a dark and dangerous side. Not long ago, people from mr Skaarup's party claimed that danish people are genetically superior some other nationalities. THAT, mr Andersen, is not acceptable and I for one will always fight against and always talk back to people with tyranic tendencies.

Mr Skaarup and the likes of him are slowly approaching a line, that line, that was crossed by some people decades ago and millions died because of that. I can not accept, as a human beeing, to remain silent any longer and people like me, civilized people that belive in the power of a free european society, must, no!, we are obligated to speak out against the likes of mr Skaarup.

Mr Andersen, your comparison to children abuse in Thailand lacks relevance. I am also in favour of tougher crimefighting policies, but it doesn't mean that I'm pro isolation. Would you like to apply for a visa every summer when you go on vacation in southern europe? Or is that control only for us - the lower standing species of the European Union? I want an open Europe. I want European countries to cooperate. History has shown us - and surely a person living in Denmark should know this more than a person living in Sweden - that the opposite is horrible and unacceptable.

Yes. I'm admitting that there is a problem. I'm not blind. But I will never agree that isolation and scare-tactics are more effective than information, comunication and, most of all, freedom. What should then be done? Here is my suggestion:

As a romanian born swedish citizen, I want to see that the rest of the countries in EU are putting more pressure on the Romanian government to deal with the problems in Romania. If the Romanian government was doing their job, which they most certainly aren't, much of those immigrant criminals won't leave Romania. There is a proven relation between poverty and criminality. The problem is the poverty. Do you, as a danish citizen want to resolve the problem in your comunity? Ask your politician to take messures through the proper channels. I'm sure people from Italy and Spain would do the same.

Here is a fun fact about the profesionalism of the romanian politicians:

During the worst economic crisis since the 30s, Romania was left without a government during almost two months. Why? Because it was the presidential election and the october (or november) non-confidence vote, that brought down mr Bocs government, was orchestrated by some of the thugs in the romanian parliament as an electoral strategy. Guess who became the Romanian prime-minister after the elections? The same guy. Mr Boc. Two months. Pensions will soon not be paid in Romania. There are no money. So more people want, need, to leave and they will do anything in order to not return to Romania.

There are many, many more examples (only from 2009).

But the suggestions of isolationists like mr Skaarup will not help; it doesn't rezolve anything, it merely creates a cynical society. A society contrary to the idea of the European Union. A dark and ugly Europe. A bickering Europe. A hating Europe. And in the end - a Europe at war...

If Peter Skaarup and his friends really want to deal with the problem, which I highly doubt, they should look for solutions in Romania. They should ask questions about what happens with some of the money that the danish taxpayers are paying to the EU, that later end up in Romania as european funds. Danish citizen are beeing robbed every minute of every day by the Romanian political gangsters and mr Skaarup has only the intelect to go after some burglers?

Mr Skaarups article tells me that he is merely looking for power. He has no interest in Denmark, nor in the wellbeeing of the danish people. He is driven by greed and egoism. Thus there is no longer room for people like him in the modern Europe.


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