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Incă un idiot despre 11 septembrie

Deci, am mai tot spus; scriu o lucrare despre teoriile idioate care există legate de 11 septembrie 2001. Căutam surse în timp ce mancam calmante (mă enervez rău de tot când sunt forțat și citesc chestii idioate) și am dat de ăsta. Omul ăsta susține foarte serios că nu ... aproape că-mi vine să dau cu capul de pereți ... că nu au existat avioane. Deci, conform spusele lui, teoria lui, nici un avion n-a zburat în acele clădiri din New York. (link către acel blog) Intrați și citiți un comentar la acel articol care m-a făcut să râd, dar citiți articolul de pe acel blog întâi.

That reminds me of the experiment I did do illustrate how the towers were brought down with demolition charges.

I made scale models of both towers using cardboard for the floors, popsicle sticks for the inner core, and toothpicks for the exterior columns. (I even used a straw to simulate the north tower's antenna.)

The plan was to use those little snappy things that pop when you throw them on the ground as the charges. I wired each floor with about 5 of these things using simple firecracker fuses.

The whole pre-demo process took me a good 4 to 5 months. So you can imagine my anger when, after carefully taking my exact wooden replica of the towers outside to detonate (mom said no explosions in the house, safety first), two fucking hummingbirds, laced with incendiary devices flew into each structure, knocking loose the charges and severing the fuses.

Each tower came down for some reason, but I'll be damned if I know why. I had the presence of mind to take temperature readings during the debacle and noted that the fire wasn't nearly hot enough to burn wood or cardboard. That added to the fact that the smoke was black, indicated that some invisible forcefield had surrounded the mock-up and the tiny flames were using up what little oxygen was left.

I timed each collapse and found that my buildings fell at approximately Mach 2.5. The only possible explanation for this is that I'm a retard and have no fucking clue what I'm doing.



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