marți, 17 martie 2009

Infinite reality or perhaps God?

OK people, lets all start at the 'beginning' shall we? Again!

No question about this: Something cannot appear from nothing. Therefore Reality (something) has been here forever.

'Nothing' cannot exist alongside 'something' therefore Reality extends forever. Reality is everything.

As Reality is infinite in extent (large scale) so too is it infinite down into the small scales. Information is infinitely divisible, ultimately there are no limits to nature.

Hence Reality is infinite in both space and time and scale.

What we know is, in an infinite Reality, always going to be less than everything. Infinitely less.

And that is that.Is there anything more to be said?

The appropriate response to infinity is wonder. And there lies our future happiness. Show everyone this and I am sure that our problems will largely disappear.

What say, everyone?

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lara spunea...

So the way I see it, a supermassive black hole for instance has infinite volume but finite surface area. Thus, life, existence, ideas, light, hopes, divinity and even time is sucked in constantly into these tiny specks of finite capacity at the center of every galaxy in this universe.

So time along with everything else is relative. It is something that yes, exists, but is constantly expanding with this ever expanding universe.

Thus, Reality, which is based on time and perception and awareness, is all Relative as well because it's main components can all be altered.

So reality has its limits.

Reality is only what the human mind can grasp.

Reality is only part of the universe, and it can not go beyond.

So what IS beyond then?